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Kosovo's Doctors End Strike

PRISTINA (Reuters) -- Thousands of Kosovar doctors ended a two-day strike after the government agreed to meet their demands for higher salaries and better working conditions, a union leader has said.

More than 13,000 health workers went on strike on October 13 and many patients were turned away from hospitals.

Kosovo, which seceded from Serbia in February, has no health insurance and its government-run hospitals are in poor condition. Doctors earn 220 euros ($300) per month, nurses 147 euros, and technicians 120 euros.

"The government has given guarantees that health workers will get [a] 44 euros pay rise as of October. It also granted another pay rise in January," said Asllan Bajrami, president of the Health Trade Union.

According to the deal signed late on October 14, parliament will adopt health-insurance laws in the near future.