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Prosecutor: Mladic Arrest Vital For War Crimes Courts

Ratko Mladic (right) in a 1995 photo
The United Nations' chief prosecutor said today that the failure to arrest fugitive Serbian General Ratko Mladic could undermine the work of war crimes tribunals after the UN's International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) wraps up its work in three years.

ICTY prosecutor Serge Brammertz said "the nonarrest of Mladic would be the worst signal you can give to all future tribunals."

Brammertz also urged the European Union to maintain political pressure on Serbia to arrest Mladic, stressing that "those who are politically responsible" must "ensure the incentives are maintained."

Serbia formally applied to join the EU in December, and although it is making progress on the road to joining the bloc, EU governments still have to clear a review of its bid. Improved cooperation with the court is a key condition.

-- Reuters