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Afghan Traders Announce Indefinite Protest Against The Killing Of A Kidnapped Child

Hundreds demonstrate on February 2 against the killing of a kidnapped child in Afghanistan's Herat Province.
HERAT, Afghanistan -- Trade unions and businesses in the western Afghan city of Herat have vowed to protest indefinitely until authorities arrest the killers of a businessman's son.

On February 3, hundreds of mourners participated in the funeral of eight-year-old Ali Sina who was killed on January 31, a month after being kidnapped.

Herat's factories have been shut down for three days to express solidarity with his family.

The victims' uncle Hafizullah says that the kidnappers had demanded $400,000 for releasing Sina, but he was killed even after the family paid them $95,000.

General Abdul Hamid Hamidy, the acting police chief of Herat Province, said that security forces have already detained several suspects.

Herat is a major trading hub and borders Iran and Turkmenistan.

Local traders have protested over a recent spike in crime that often targets their family members.