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Afghanistan's Ghazni To Be Declared Islamic Capital Of Culture

People walk past a section of the old city in Ghazni, which means "jewel."
GHAZNI, Afghanistan -- Security in Afghanistan's southeastern province of Ghazni was tight as the provincial capital is set to be declared an Islamic capital of culture in 2013.

Thousands of additional security forces were reportedly deployed in the city of Ghazni as Afghan officials and foreign dignitaries attended an official ceremony on April 13.

Afghan officials say Iran's culture minister, representatives from Tajikistan and Egypt, and a delegation from the Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) participated.

On April 12, Afghan Cultural Minister Saied Makhdom Raheen invited the Taliban to also join the event.

In 2007, ISESCO designated the ancient city of Ghazni, which means "jewel," as an Islamic capital of culture for the Asian region for 2013.