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Kabul Students End Hunger Strike After Eight Days

University students during the seventh day of their hunger strike near parliament in Kabul on May 26
Ethnic Hazara student protesters in Kabul have abruptly ended an eight-day hunger strike after lawmakers said their claims of discrimination at Kabul University were untrue.

The protesters, all students in the university's social sciences faculty, launched their strike outside the Afghan parliament last week, saying they had been subjected to harassment and prejudicial grading by university staff.

The protesters also called for the replacement of outdated teaching materials, a new library, and reliable Internet connections.

On May 26, Afghanistan's minister of higher education, Obaidullah Obaid, suspended the faculty's dean and a lecturer in response to the protesters' demands.

But a parliamentary commission said on May 27 that it had reviewed university documents and found the students' claims of unfair grading were false.

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