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Afghan Youths Stage Protest Against Warlords

Afghan Youths Protest Against Former Warlords
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KABUL -- Hundreds of Afghan youths have protested in Kabul against the country's former warlords.

The protest, the second in less than a week, comes amid an unprecedented campaign against the strongmen.

Members of several political youth groups, including the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan, burned posters and chanted slogans condemning the warlords.

The demonstration comes after a contentious national holiday that honored the former warlords on April 28, known as Mujahedin Victory Day.

Before the holiday, on April 24, members of the Afghan Freedom-Loving Youth Group swept through the streets of Kabul putting up hundreds of posters and spraying graffiti messages critical of the warlords.

Many of the former warlords, who are accused of war crimes by human rights groups, still wield significant influence in the country's political affairs.