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Baku Protesters Decry Price Hike Following Currency Devaluation

Organizers claimed some 10,000 took part in the rally on March 15.
Organizers claimed some 10,000 took part in the rally on March 15.

Hundreds of people took part in a rally in Baku on March 15 to express concern about price hikes and other negative impacts of the recent abrupt devaluation of the local currency -- the manat.

The sanctioned protest, titled "End Robbery" was organized by the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF).

The protestors were holding banners that read "Punish the killers of the manat" and "End election falsification."

Jamil Hasanly, the head of the NCDF said his Facebook account was hacked ahead of the protest in an apparent attempt by authorities to prevent him from calling on people to join the rally.

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan abruptly devalued the manat against the dollar and the euro in February, prompting it to lose as much as 33.5 percent and 30 percent of its value against both currencies, respectively.

The organizers said some 10,000 took part in the rally but the figures can't be independently confirmed.

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Protest In Baku Against Azerbaijan's Currency Devaluation
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