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Azerbaijani Silk Road Construction Workers Demand Salaries

LANKARAN, Azerbaijan -- Hundreds of workers building the Silk Road highway in Azerbaijan have held a protest near the southern city of Lankaran.

They say they have not been paid for the last four months.

The protesters demonstrated on April 10 at the headquarters of Qafqaz LTD Company, which manages the World-Bank-supported Silk Road Project Azerbaijan.

The workers later marched to Lankaran's city administration office to demand that their rights be respected.

A Qafqaz LTD official told RFE/RL that the workers' overdue salaries will be paid in full, but said he was not aware of all the details.

The construction workers have held four similar protests in recent weeks.

The last took place on April 1.

Construction on the road's segment around Lankaran has been stalled for the last two months.