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Britain’s Cameron Calls On NATO To Rethink Ties With Russia

British Prime Minister David Cameron (file photo)

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that NATO needs to review its long-term relationship with Russia to reflect the fact that Moscow sees the alliance as “an adversary.”

In a letter to other NATO leaders and alliance secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen ahead of a summit in Britain next month, Cameron said the alliance must change to be able to better defend its members from a potential Russian military threat.

According to Cameron, NATO has to be a "robust presence" in Eastern Europe because of Russia's "illegal” actions in Ukraine.

He proposed drafting a new schedule of military exercises, pre-positioning equipment and supplies, and enhancing the NATO Response Force of up to 25,000 troops.

The alliance has suspended all practical cooperation with Russia and stepped up exercises in Eastern Europe after Moscow's annexation of Crimea in March.

Based on reporting by Reuters and the BBC