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PM Says Extra Police To Be Deployed In London Through Weekend


U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron speaks before the House of Commons in London on August 11.
British Prime Minister David Cameron says the 16,000 extra police that have been deployed in London to deter rioters will remain on the streets throughout the weekend.

Officials, meanwhile, have announced the death of a 68-year-old man who was attacked on August 8 during the rioting in London.

It is the fifth death that has been linked to the unrest, along with a man who was shot in Croydon and three men who were hit by a car in Birmingham.

Speaking after some of the worst rioting and looting in England in decades, Cameron has vowed that the country would not be beaten by the gangs, and said lawbreakers would be hunted down and punished.

"We need to show the world, which has looked on frankly appalled, that the perpetrators of the violence we have seen on our streets are not in any way representative of our country, nor of our young people," Cameron said.

"We need to show them that we will address our broken society, we will restore a sense of stronger morality and responsibility in every time, in every street, and in every estate."

Cameron also said on August 11 that police had not responded adequately in their initial response to the riots.

Cameron rejected that the rioting had any political or protest motive, saying England had been victimized by simple criminals who sought to rob and set fires.

Police say more than 1,900 people have been arrested -- and around 900 charged so far -- since the unrest broke out on August 6 following a police shooting incident that left a man dead.

compiled from agency reports