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CNN: Russia Retaliates By Closing American School, Vacation Home In Moscow

The United States and Russia are imposing sanctions targeting each other's embassy personnel.

CNN is reporting that Russian authorities have ordered the closing of the Anglo-American School of Moscow after the United States imposed major new sanctions on December 29 over Moscow's meddling in the U.S. election.

The school serves children of U.S., British, and Canadian embassy personnel.

It is also attended by children of other expatriates in Moscow and Russians, and will be closed to all, U.S. officials told CNN, adding that Russia is also closing access to a U.S. Embassy vacation house in Serebryany Bor, a wooded neighborhood in Moscow.

The closings of popular haunts for U.S. Embassy workers and their families appeared to be in direct retaliation for the White House's closure of two properties in Washington and New York used by Russian diplomats, part of a series of new election-related sanctions.

One of the two properties, a sprawling riverfront compound on Maryland's eastern shore, is a swanky recreational facility where Russian diplomats played tennis and went sailing. The White House accused Moscow of also using it for spying.

There was no immediate confirmation from Russian officials about the closings. Russia is promising more "reprisals" against sanctions announced by the White House, to be announced on December 30.

Based on reporting by CNN and AP