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The Daily Vertical: As If We Need Another Cuban Missile Crisis (Transcript)

Let's talk about missiles.

They have, after all, been in the news over the past couple of days.

And no, I'm not referring to yesterday's embarrassment at the Vostochny Cosmodrome, when -- with Vladimir Putin in attendance -- the much-hyped launch of a rocket had to be delayed for a day due to a technical glitch.

No, I'm referring to something else. I'm referring to yesterday's formal appeal to the Kremlin by two State Duma deputies for Russia to deploy missiles to Cuba.

Yeah, you heard that right.

The proposal is purportedly in retaliation for U.S. plans to deploy a rocket launching system in southeastern Turkey across the border from Syria to fight Islamic State militants.

"We consider it possible in today's circumstances to use corresponding Soviet experience in deterring U.S. expansionist ambitions," the lawmakers wrote.

Apparently, one Cuban Missile Crisis wasn't enough for these guys. They want a do-over.

Now this, of course, isn't going to happen.

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But that isn't the point. Carefully orchestrated crackpot ideas like this get floated for a reason -- to create the illusion that Russia is engaged in a twilight struggle with the West, that it is a superpower again.

And the easiest way to do this is to flaunt your nukes, to flex your missiles.

But that illusion is difficult to maintain when your brand new cosmodrome -- which has been plagued by embezzlement scandals, construction delays, and unpaid wages -- can't even pull off a simple rocket launch on time with the president in attendance.

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