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Last Finalists Picked For Eurovision Showdown

Finalist Rona Nishliu of Albania performs her song "Suus" during the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku on May 22.
European voters have picked the last 10 finalists for competition when the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest culminates in Baku on May 26.

Musical acts from Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Estonia, Turkey, Sweden, Malta, and Lithuania advanced to the final.

The first semifinal, on May 22, produced finalists from Russia, Albania, Moldova, Romania, Spain, Denmark, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, and Ireland.

The Eurovision contest has grown in popularity in recent years, with the televised event expected to be watched by an estimated 125 million people worldwide.

It has also drawn attention to host Azerbaijan's miserable record on human rights, free media, and corruption.