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Female Governor In Afghanistan Reports Death Threats

Sima Joyenda is one of only two female governors in Afghanistan.

The female governor in Afghanistan's western Ghor Province says she has received death threats from armed strongmen and fears for her life.

Sima Joyenda told RFE/RL on October 18 that "armed commanders," who she called "bullies," have made the threats.

Her comments came the same day that a demonstration demanding her removal was held in the Ghor regional capital, Firoz Koh.

Among those participating in the rally -- the second such protest in the past week -- are Ghor provincial council members who accuse Joyenda of incompetence.

Joyenda, who was appointed by the Afghan government nearly four months ago, says people oppose her because she is a woman and will not submit to "illegal" demands made by council members and former Ghor leaders.

There are only two female governors in Afghanistan.

Joyenda has called for a government delegation to come to the province and investigate the situation.

Abdul Hamid Nateqi, a Ghor provincial council member who has also protested against Joyenda, has also called on the government to send a commission to resolve the issue.

A rally led by several women in support of Joyenda was also held in Firoz Koh on October 18.

Written by Mustafa Sarwar and Abdul Qadir Ghafoori