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Hong Kong Police Withdraw From Streets As Protests Continue

Protesters disperse after police fire tear gas near the Hong Kong government headquarters on September 28.

Hong Kong's authorities say they are withdrawing riot police from the streets of the protest-wracked city in a major concession to pro-democracy demonstrators.

A statement posted on the government's website on September 29 said: "Because citizens gathered on the street have calmed, riot police have been withdrawn."

The statement also called on protesters "to give up occupied roads as soon as possible."

The announced withdrawal comes after police repeatedly fired tear gas into the crowd of protesters on September 28.

Students launched massive demonstrations beginning on September 26 to call for greater democracy and demand Hong Kong officials meet them to discuss electoral reforms.

The protesters reject Beijing's recent decision to restrict voting reforms for the first-ever elections to choose the city's leader in 2017.

Based on reporting by AFP and Reuters