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Radical Cleric, Suspected Al-Qaeda Operative Abu Qatada Released On U.K. Bail

Abu Qatada is a Jordanian of Palestinian origin.
A radical Islamist cleric described by prosecutors as a key Al-Qaeda operative in Europe was released on bail on November 13 after he won his appeal against deportation from Britain to Jordan.

Abu Qatada, a Jordanian of Palestinian origin, was convicted in his absence in Jordan of plotting bomb attacks.

Qatada has spent lengthy periods in jail since his arrest in Britain in 2002.

A British immigration tribunal ruled Monday that Abu Qatada cannot be expelled to Jordan for fear he would not get a fair trial there.

Qatada will have to obey a 16-hour curfew, wear an electronic tag, and cannot use the Internet.

Britain's government says it will appeal the ruling. Last month, Britain extradited radical cleric Abu Hamza to the United States.

He fought deportation for eight years.

Based on reporting by BBC and Sky News