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Amnesty Says Russia Plans To Deport Syrian Refugees

Amnesty International said Russia plans to send home three Syrian asylum-seekers who were detained in Daghestan, a plan the group said violates international law.

The British-based rights group said the three men were slated to be flown to Damascus on February 25, even though the United Nations refugee agency asked Moscow specifically not to.

It wasn't immediately clear when the men were detained, but Amnesty said they were flown from Makhachkala, the capital of Daghestan, which borders Chechnya, to Moscow on February 24.

There was no immediate response from Russian authorities to Amnesty's statement.

Amnesty said not a single person had been granted refugee status in 2015 in Russia, but it's unclear how many Syrians in total may have applied for asylum there.

The group said two other Syrian asylum-seekers are also being held.