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Prosecutors Seek Three Years In Jail For Russians In Pro-Ukraine Stunt

Daredevil 'Mustang Wanted' claims that he carried out the pro-Ukraine stunt in Moscow last year on hiw own.

MOSCOW -- Prosecutors have asked a Moscow court to sentence five Russians to three years in jail each over a stunt in which a Soviet star atop a Stalin-era skyscraper was painted in the yellow-and-blue colors of the Ukrainian flag.

A Ukrainian flag was also hoisted over the apartment tower near the Kremlin early on August 20, 2014.

Prosecutors requested on August 31 that one of the defendants be handed a suspended sentence due to her being pregnant.

She and three others are accused of drawing attention to the painted star and the flag by jumping from the 176-meter building with parachutes.

The fifth defendant is accused of helping Ukrainian stunt daredevil Pavlo Ushyvets -- known by the nickname Mustang Wanted -- to paint the star and hoist the flag.

The trial started on August 17. The defendants pleaded not guilty.

Ushyvets, who is in Ukraine, has announced on Facebook that he carried out the stunt alone.