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SpaceX Craft Delivers Cargo To ISS

The SpaceX "Dragon" capsule nears the ISS in this 2012 photo.

Freeze-dried food, live lab mice, and a 3-D printer are among the items delivered to the International Space Station by a SpaceX cargo ship on September 23.

The unmanned SpaceX craft, "Dragon," docked at the orbital station after a two-day trip from the Cape Caneveral launch facility in the United States.

"Dragon" will stay at the ISS for about a month as astronauts unload its cargo and repack it with 1,450 kilograms of material to return to Earth.

California-based SpaceX is one of two companies contracted by U.S. space agency NASA to carry cargo to the station.

Along with Boeing, SpaceX was chosen last week to ferry astronauts to the station in an arrangement that is to break NASA's reliance on Russia for manned trips to the outpost.

NASA has set a goal of 2017 for the first launch under the program.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP