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Transdniester Talks Taking Place In Vienna

The next round of talks on the Transdniestrian settlement process are taking place in Vienna.

Representatives of Moldova, Transdniester, Russia, Ukraine, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), plus the United States and the European Union are starting two days of what are known as the 5+2 talks.

These are the first talks since tensions broke out in May over Moldova’s decision to introduce passport controls along the boundary with its breakaway region.

Nina Shtansky, the foreign minister of the unrecognized Transdniestrian political entity, said those border controls will be one of the topics discussed.

Another issue will be the migration status of the approximately 300,000 Russian and Ukrainian citizens living in Transdniester.

Transdniester declared independence from Moldova in 1990 and fought a brief war in 1992 that ended when the Russian military intervened on the side of Transdniester.