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Live Blog: Ukrainians Elect New Parliament

A Ukrainian serviceman watches for the enemy on the front line with Russia-backed separatists near Avdiyivka in the Donetsk region.

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-- Russia's Supreme Court has upheld a six-year prison sentence given to ailing 20-year-old Ukrainian national Pavlo Hryb.

-- President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s Servant of the People party appears to have secured a majority in Ukraine's parliamentary elections, solidifying his mandate for change.

*Time stamps on the blog refer to local time in Ukraine


Closing the live blog for the day. See you again tomorrow.








Latest from our news desk:

Russia's Supreme Court has upheld a six-year prison sentence given to 20-year-old Ukrainian national Pavlo Hryb.

The North Caucasus Regional Court on March 22 convicted Hryb of "promoting terrorism," a charge he contends was fabricated by the Federal Security Service (FSB).

Hryb’s lawyers appealed the verdict, but in a ruling on July 23 the Supreme Court said it found no grounds to reverse the ruling.

Hryb’s father, Ihor Hryb, condemned the March verdict as a “death sentence for Pavlo...who needs an urgent medical operation in order to live.”

Ukraine denounced the verdict, calling it "unlawful," and Hryb announced a hunger strike to protest the ruling as well as his treatment in jail.

Hryb said he had been "denied medical treatment" while in custody.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demanded the "immediate reversal of the unlawful sentence" and called for Hryb's "release and unimpeded return to Ukraine."

Hryb went missing in August 2017 after he traveled to Belarus to meet a woman he met online.

Relatives believe he walked into a trap set by the FSB, which later told Ukraine that Hryb was being held in a detention center in Russia on suspicion of promoting terrorism.

Ihor Hryb said that his son was detained when he was returning from Belarus to Ukraine.



Here is today's map of the latest situation in the Donbas conflict zone according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. (CLICK TO ENLARGE.)

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