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U.S. Rejects North Korean Call For Joint Probe Of Hacking Attacks

The United States has repeated its claim that North Korea was responsible for hacking attacks on the movie studio Sony Pictures.

The remarks came in response to Pyongyang's call for a joint probe.

The White House said on December 20 that it stands by the conclusion of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that North Korea was to blame for a hacking attack that led Sony Pictures to cancel its release of the movie "The Interview," a comedy about a plot to assassinate the country's leader, Kim Jong Un.

National Security Council spokesman Mark Stroh said, "If the North Korean government wants to help, they can admit their culpability and compensate Sony for the damages this attack caused."

His remarks came after North Korea called the U.S. accusations "groundless slander," proposing a joint investigation with the United States into the cyberattack, which resulted in the disclosure of a huge quantity of internal Sony data.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP