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Wounded Uzbek Cleric In Grave Condition, Son Says

Imam Obidkhon Qori Nazarov (pictured) was granted asylum in Sweden in 2006.
A prominent Uzbek cleric who survived an apparent assassination attempt last month remains in grave condition, according to his son.

Dovud Nazarov told RFE/RL that his father, Obidkhon Qori Nazarov, has been receiving medical treatment, but he declined to provide details of his whereabouts.

Swedish authorities confirmed that Nazarov had been transferred to a different location and said the investigation was continuing. The attacker has not been apprehended.

Nazarov's son said the family "has strong suspicions about who was behind the assassination attempt" but he didn't elaborate.

The 50-year-old cleric was shot in the Swedish town of Stromsund on February 22.

With thousands of followers among Uzbeks, he is considered one the most influential opponents of President Islam Karimov's regime.

Nazarov has been living in Sweden since he was granted political asylum there in 2006.

From exile, Nazarov became a leading supporter of the secular opposition in Uzbekistan.