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Bin Laden Confidant Surrenders To Saudis

13 July 2004 -- Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry has reported that a fugitive militant turned himself to Saudi diplomats in Iran and has been flown back to Saudi Arabia.

A ministry statement today said Khalid bin Ouda bin Muhammad al-Harbi contacted the Saudi Embassy in Tehran from the Iranian-Afghan border, where he was stranded.

Al-Harbi, who is also known as Abu Suleiman al-Makki, is the third man to take advantage of the limited amnesty that Saudi Arabia offered militants on 23 June.

It was unclear what al-Harbi is wanted for; his name does not appear on the list of the kingdom's 26 most-wanted militants.

Saudi state television showed al-Harbi, who uses a wheelchair, being carried off a Saudi Airlines jet after arriving at Riyadh airport today.

Videotape obtained by coalition forces following the invasion of Afghanistan appears to show Osama bin Laden discussing the 11 September 2001 attacks with al-Harbi, Al-Arabiyah television reported.