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Karzai Urges Sacked Governor To Take New Post

12 September 2004 -- Afghan interim administration Chairman Hamid Karzai today urged a sacked provincial governor to take up a new government post in Kabul after his sacking sparked violent protests.

Earlier, violence broke out in Herat when hundreds of people protested Karzai's decision to sack regional governor Ismail Khan.

The mob set fire to two UN compounds and attacked U.S. soldiers. At least three people were reported killed and over 40 wounded.

The UN refugee agency in Iran said it has suspended the repatriation of civilians to Afghanistan following the attack.

Herat is a key transit route for most refugees returning from Iran.

Karzai says Khan wasn't just sacked, he was promoted to be minister of industry and mines, and that he hopes Khan will come to Kabul to take up the post.