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Abducted Kosovar Woman Calls Friend From Afghanistan

8 November 2004 -- Shqipe Habibi, the Kosovar Albanian woman abducted along with two other UN employees in Afghanistan, has been able to telephone a friend in her hometown of Pec.

Habibi's brother said today she told the friend she is in good health and that kidnappers "are not maltreating her."

Habibi, 35, along with Irish national Annetta Flanigan and Filipino diplomat Angelito Nayan, were kidnapped from their UN car in front of their office in Kabul 10 days ago.

U.S. forces in Afghanistan expressed hope today that the three would soon be freed. The kidnappers have offered to exchange their captives if the Afghan government releases 26 prisoners.

Meanwhile, four Afghan journalists today offered to swap places with the three hostages. In an open letter, they condemned the kidnapping as against Islam and Afghan traditions.