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Kyrgyz Lawmakers Again Postpone Presidential Debate

6 April 2005 -- Kyrgyzstan's parliament has again postponed a formal discussion on the resignation of ousted President Askar Akaev, citing "technical" obstacles but raising fears that political forces in the country are having difficulty reaching a consensus.

The legislature had originally expected to debate the resignation yesterday.

At today's session, 56 parliamentarians voted in favor of postponing the session until tomorrow due to "technical" reasons. No further explanation was given.

Parliament had been expected to view a video message recorded in Moscow in which Akaev officially resigns the presidency. Akaev signed his formal resignation at the Kyrgyz Embassy in the Russian capital on 4 April.

The viewing of the video was originally scheduled for yesterday, but was postponed until today due to a lack of a quorum in the 75-member parliament.

Akaev fled Bishkek in late March following mass protests in Kyrgyzstan sparked by allegations that recent parliamentary elections were rigged by his administration.

Protesters stormed the presidential and government complex in Bishkek that is known as the White House on 24 March.