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Human Rights Watch Says Afghanistan Has 'Rights Crisis'

20 April 2005 -- Human Rights Watch (HRW) today said the United Nations needs to increase rights monitoring in Afghanistan, a country the U.S.-based group says is having a "human rights crisis."

HRW said in a statement that "warlords and armed factions still dominate many parts of the country and routinely abuse human rights, especially the rights of women and girls."

The group urged the UN Commission on Human Rights to send more rights monitors to Afghanistan and criticized donor countries, particularly NATO members, for being slow in meeting aid commitments.

The statement says "Afghans countrywide continue to complain about extortion and robberies by militias and political repression by local strongmen."

The rights group also said the United States, which has about 17,000 troops in Afghanistan, should do more to support UN efforts on human rights.