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178 Insurgents Killed In Southern Afghanistan

26 June 2005 -- Afghanistan's Defense Ministry says that Afghan troops, supported by U.S. forces, killed 178 Taliban fighters and detained over 80 others in the southern province of Kandahar.

General Zahir Azimi, the ministry spokesman, said today that the fighting has taken place in the Mia-Nishin district of Kandahar Province since 20 June.

He said Afghan Army and police were involved in the fight against the insurgents that ended yesterday.

The joint operation by Afghan and U.S. troops was accelerated in the area, a day after insurgents publicly executed eight Afghan police in the same district.

About 20,000 U.S.-led troops are presently hunting Taliban remnants and their Al-Qaeda allies, mainly in the south and southeast region's of the country.

Insurgents have increased their attacks on U.S. and Afghan troops recently.