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Blair Argues Not To Give In To 'Logic' Of Terrorists

Tonay Blair and Hamid Karzai today outside 10 Downing St. 19 July 2005 -- Speaking at a London news conference with visiting Afghan President Hamid Karzai, British Prime Minister Tony Blair today responded to critics who allege his support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan make Britain more vulnerable to terrorists.

Blair cautioned against what he called giving into the logic of terrorists.

"Of course, these terrorists will use Iraq as an excuse or use Afghanistan. September 11, of course, happened before both of those things and then the excuse was American policy or Israel. They will always have their reasons for acting. But we've got to be very careful of almost giving in to the sort of perverted and twisted logic with which they argue," Blair said.

Yesterday, a leading British research institute, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, released a report saying Blair's support for the U.S.-led Iraq war had made Britain a more high-profile terrorist target.

Karzai, for his part, urged Britain to work to unite people everywhere in the world to fight the menace of terrorism to the end.