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Afghan Militia Force Launched To Guard Border

(RFE/RL) 15 January 2006 -- Afghanistan's government says it has established a 1,000-strong tribal militia force to tighten security along the border with Pakistan.

Konar Governor Assadullah Wafa told AP today that the force was formed a month ago to slow the flow of militants slipping across the frontier between the northeastern Afghan province and Pakistan's Bajur area.

Wafa said Al-Qaeda and the Taliban were believed to run training camps on the Pakistani side of the border.

Konar deputy police chief Sumunwal Hasan Farahi said the militants have support from many local residents, who are mainly Pashtun.

Farahi said his forces have launched several operations against the militants together with U.S. troops, but with little success.

Konar's largely inaccessible mountains and high number of caves make it hard for security forces to operate effectively.


RFE/RL Afghanistan Report

RFE/RL Afghanistan Report

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