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Curfew Lifted In Baghdad

Mourners in Baghdad carry coffins following the November 23 attacks (epa) November 27, 2006 -- Authorities in Baghdad lifted the city's curfew today and reopened the international airport, clearing the way for President Jalal Talabani to fly to Tehran.

The curfew was imposed following bombings that killed more than 200 people on November 23.

Fresh violence was reported as traffic returned to Baghdad's streets. In central Baghdad, gunmen opened fire on a crowded street, killing six people. In a southern district, armed men in two cars attacked a police patrol, wounding six officers.

Earlier, the U.S. military said one of its fighter jets crashed in Iraq with one pilot aboard. The F-16 was supporting coalition ground forces when it crashed northwest of Baghdad. There was no information about the cause of the crash or the fate of the pilot.

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