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Nearly 20 Iraqi, Foreign Troops Killed In Latest Attack

(RFE/RL) April 5, 2007 -- Nearly 20 Iraqi, British, and U.S. soldiers were killed in attacks across Iraq in the past 24 hours.

Four British soldiers and a civilian interpreter were killed in a roadside bombing near the southern city of Al-Basrah.

Ten Iraqi soldiers were killed in an attack near the northern city of Mosul.

In Baghdad, four U.S. soldiers were killed by two roadside bombs. In addition, the U.S. military said four people were injured when an army helicopter with nine people aboard went down south of Baghdad.

Also in Baghdad, a senior Iraqi journalist was killed today when a suicide car bomb exploded outside the Baghdad headquarters of a television channel run by a leading Sunni political party.

In a statement, the Iraqi Islamic Party said deputy bureau chief Thaer Ahmed Jabr died in the attack. At least 10 other employees were wounded.

More than 180 media workers, most of them Iraqi, have been killed in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

(compiled from agency reports)

Iraq In Transition

Iraq In Transition

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