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(RFE/RL) June 12, 2007 -- NATO's top commander in Afghanistan, U.S. General Dan McNeil, says there is evidence that Iran is helping both the Afghan government and Taliban insurgency.

McNeil said Iran is helping with road construction and electricity in western Afghanistan, but he also said recent improvements in Taliban tactics could be an indication of better training by Iranian advisers.

Iran rejects the claim, saying it makes no sense for a Shi'ite government to help a fundamentalist Sunni movement. When the Taliban was in power in Afghanistan prior to 2001, Tehran backed forces fighting against the regime.

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Iran tests its Shahab-3 medium-range missile in November 2006 (AFP)

HOW LONG A REACH? As the debate on missile defense sharpens, Tehran continues to develop its Shahab-3 missile, which is already capable of reaching some parts of Europe.... (more)


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