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Tatar-Bashkir Report: August 10, 2000

10 August 2000
Anti-Terrorist Efforts Intensified, Reveal Staff Shortcomings
Tatarstan's Interior Ministry announced that its services would operate in an enhanced mode on 9 August. According to ministry officials quoted by local media, the prevention of terrorist acts is the primary task for the republic's militia. After the bomb blast in the underpass at Pushkinskaya square on 8 August, Tatarstan's militia reportedly switched to 12 hour-long shifts and began thorough inspections of railroads, bus stations, airports, markets, and other public places. A city patrol officer told an RFE/RL correspondent in Kazan on 9 August that although the heightened service was implemented, there was a serious lack of city militia caused by problems with wage arrears. According to Tatar TV, the republican Interior Ministry, the State Security Committee, and the Ministry of Emergencies joined forces for the anti-Terrorist operation.

Shaimiev Joins In On Elaboration Of Russian State Council's Principles
Tatarstan's president, Mintimer Shaimiev, participated in a joint meeting of the Federation Council and its reforming commission on 9 August, Tatarstan's representative office in Moscow reported the same day. Participants at the meeting discussed the offer of Russian President Vladmir Putin to form the State Council of the Russian Federation. According to Tatarinform, Russian "senators" unanimously stated that the future council must unite the representatives of all of Russia's territorial entities. Previously, some of the federal officials warned that the council would involve only some of the Russian regional leaders to be withdrawn from the Federation Council. The senators reportedly suggested to primarily give the State Council a consultative body and later amend the Russian Constitution to expand the council's powers so that it would become an efficient government institution.

Tatneft To Join Tender For Oil Extraction In Mongolia
Tatarstan's Tatneft oil company said it intends to open an office in the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator, Efir Inform agency reported on 10 August. Tatneft plans to join the tender for geological exploration in south Mongolia that will be held with the participation of U.S., French, and Canadian companies. If Tatneft is successful in both winning the tender and discovering oil, it reportedly will sign a production-sharing contract with the Mongolian government.

By Iskender Nurmi