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Kabul Says 200 Militants Killed, Captured Since July 25

Afghan National Army officers march during a graduation ceremony at a training center in Herat in June. Afghan troops are increasingly taking control over security ahead of the planned withdrawal of foreign forces by the end of 2014.
Afghanistan's Defense Ministry says more than 200 militants have been killed or captured as a result of a two-week military operation launched by Afghan security forces in the east of the country.

The ministry's spokesman, General Zahir Azimi, said 11 Afghan troops had also been killed during the large-scale military operation, which began on July 25.

The fiercest fighting has been focused in the Azra district in the eastern part of Logar Province and in the Hisarak district of neighboring Nangarhar Province.

Azimi said militants who were killed or captured included Chechens, Pakistanis, and Arabs who were fighting alongside the Taliban.

The operation comes as Afghan forces increasingly take control over security across Afghanistan ahead of the planned withdrawal of NATO-led foreign forces by the end of 2014.