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BP Says 'Static Kill' To Permanently Seal Leaking Oil Well Is Successful

Cleanup work in July on a beach in Mississippi of oily globs that washed ashore from BP's "Deepwater Horizon" spill
The energy firm BP says its effort to permanently seal a massive undersea leak at an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has achieved the "desired outcome."

A statement by the company today says pressure in the well has stabilized and is now being controlled after heavy drilling fluid -- known in the trade as "drilling mud" -- was pumped into the blown-out well shaft.

Wellsite leader Bobby Bolton says the work could be completed by the end of the day, although BP said the effort could continue through August 5.

Millions of gallons of oil have leaked into the Gulf of Mexico -- threatening fragile coastline eco-systems and imperiling the fishing industry -- since an explosion sank an offshore oil rig and ruptured the well on April 20.

Experts concluded recently that the leak is by far the largest manmade oil spill in history.

compiled from agency reports