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Iran Says Muslim Government Failing To Stop Bloodshed

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: Iran "will do anything necessary..."
TEHRAN (Reuters) -- Iran's supreme leader has said some Muslim goverments in the region had been wrong not to do more to stop Israeli attacks on Gaza and would face "humiliation" in future at Israel's hands for failing to act.

"Muslim nations and governments should realize that the nature and main goal of the arrogant system, [reflected in] Israeli crimes, is to completely destroy resistance in the region and dominate the Middle East," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in comments reported by state television.

Iranian officials often refer to Israel and its allies, such as the United States, as arrogant powers.

"Everybody should know that, just like in the past, when the Islamic republic has offered all its help to the oppressed Palestinian people, from now on it will do anything neccessary in this regard," he added, without saying what that support would involve.

Israel accuses Iran of supplying arms to Hamas while Tehran, which does not recognize the Jewish state, says it gives moral, financial, and humanitarian support to its Palestinian ally. Iran's regional allies also include Lebanon's Hizballah and Syria.

Analysts say Iran's outspoken backing of Hamas is designed to show off its regional influence to Arab states and the new U.S. administration.

The Islamic republic is embroiled in a row over its nuclear work with Washington, which accuses Tehran of wanting an atomic bomb. The United States has sought to win over Arabs in its effort to isolate Iran. Tehran denies pursuing nuclear weaponry.

In his speech, he did not name any Muslim governments. Egypt and Jordan, which both have peace treaties with Israel, have been a focus for criticism by Iranian hard-liners over Gaza.

"The more Israel secures a place in the region, and the more the dominance of arrogance increases, the misfortune of these [regional Muslim] governments and the humiliation of these governments will increase. Why don't they realize this?"