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Afghan Deputies Trade Blows Over Impeachment Of Ministers

Two Afghan lawmakers have traded blows during a parliamentary session in Kabul.

A verbal dispute between Kandahar deputy Mohammad Naim Lalai and Herat deputy Farhad Majidi on January 15 escalated into a physical fight that lasted several minutes.

The scuffle erupted as lawmakers were deliberating over whether to impeach 11 Afghan ministers.

Impeachment proceedings were brought against the ministers last year after their ministries spent less than 50 percent of their allocated budgets.

The budgets were for expenditure from March 2011 to March 2012. But the issue has proved divisive.

Some lawmakers have called for all current ministers heading those ministries to be impeached. Others have said only those who were ministers during the period in question should be punished.

Officials said an investigation has been launched into the incident on January 15.

Based on reporting by ToloNews and Radio Free Afghanistan