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Afghan Warlord Accused Of Murder Allegedly Bailed Out By Vice President

KABUL – An Afghan lawmaker alleged that the country's second vice-president, Muhammad Karim Khalili, recently bailed out a warlord accused of murder, kidnapping and bribery, among other crimes.

The head of the Afghan Senate's complaints committee, Ubaidullah Barekzai told Radio Free Afghanistan on October 18 that the warlord was freed from a Kabul prison despite the serious criminal charges.

Barekzai said Abdul Hakim Shujai is an influential warlord in his native southwestern Uruzgan province.

Barekzai also said Shujai has been accused of involvement in the killings of at least 120 people.

Uruzgan residents have reportedly complained to the Senate committee that an illegal armed group run by Shujai recently kidnapped 20 local villagers, and subsequently killed 17 of the hostages.

Khalili's office was not immediately available to comment on the allegation.