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Afghan Commander Says 13 Foreign Militants Killed

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- An Afghan military commander claims to have killed 13 Pakistani and Arab militants during an ongoing military sweep in Ghazni Province.

General Daud Wafadar, commander of Afghan National Army forces in Ghazni, told REF/RL's Radio Mashaal on April 25 that the militants were killed in a joint Afghan-NATO operation that began the day before.

Wafadar said the operation targeted the Qarabagh district of Ghazni, which is partly controlled by Afghan Taliban fighters.

Afghan troops are conducting the ground operations with air support from NATO.

Wafadar said a key militant leader, Qari Nusrat, had also been captured by Afghan government troops.

Authorities in Ghanzi recently warned of possible infiltrations by Arab, Pakistani, and Chechen militants.

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