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Australian Troops In Afghanistan Investigated Over 'Misconduct' Report

Troops from Australian special forces are being probed over an incident involving severed hands. (file photo)
Soldiers from Australia's special forces are under investigation amid allegations that they cut off the hands of at least one dead insurgent in Afghanistan.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports that the incident allegedly took place after a fierce battle in April in the southern province of Zabul. Four insurgents were killed in the fighting.

The Australian broadcaster said severed hands were brought to an Australian base in Tarin Kowt in Uruzgan Province after the soldiers were instructed to collect fingerprints and eye scans from dead insurgents whenever possible.

The military confirmed it was investigating "an incident of potential misconduct" alleged to have occurred during an April 28 operation.

It did not provide further details, saying the investigation was ongoing.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has expressed confidence the military will carry out a proper investigation.

Based on reporting by ABC, AP, and AFP