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At Least One Killed In Protest At Iranian Consulate In Afghanistan

The Iranian Consulate in Herat has been the scene of several violent demonstrations in recent years.
HERAT, Afghanistan -- At least one person has been killed when a protest outside the Iranian Consulate in Afghanistan's western Herat Province turned violent.

Police said hundreds of people gathered outside the Iranian Consulate in Herat city on September 7 to protest against visa delays.

A police spokesman said protesters tried to storm the consulate.

Police tried to stop them, but were attacked by protesters throwing stones.

At least one person was killed and at least three others wounded in the clash.

The protesters accused consulate officials of seeking bribes and delaying visas.

Abdul Hamid Hamidi, the security chief of the provincial police, told RFE/RL the protest ended when security forces dispersed the demonstrators.

Herat Province, which borders Iran, has been the scene of many anti-Iranian protests in the past.

With reporting by AFP and dpa