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Afghan President Signs New Election Law

Hamid Karzai is set to step down in 2014 after his second and last term as Afghanistan's president.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has signed the second of two election laws aiming to ensure there are no controversies in next year's presidential and parliamentary elections.

On July 20, Karzai signed the law defining the legal framework for those elections.

Earlier in the week, Karzai signed a law granting more independence and power to the electoral watchdog and election commission.

Afghanistan's international partners have been pressing the Afghan government to enact such laws to guarantee a smooth transition in the April 2014 elections.

Karzai will step down as president after serving his second, and constitutionally last term in office.

A few months later, the U.S.-NATO combat mission in Afghanistan is due to end.

A corrupt election and contested results would undermine the Afghan government's authority and could help Taliban efforts to reassert itself in Afghanistan.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP