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Battle Rages in Northern Afghanistan's Kunduz Province

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan -- Fighting between Afghan government forces and Tailban fighters raged in at least four parts of Kunduz Province on May 7, as government troops continued their drive to recapture territory that was seized when militants launched a major northern offensive.

RFE/RL’s Radio Free Afghanistan reports combat on May 7 in the disticts of Ali-Abad, Chardara, and Imam Sahib, as well as the Gul Tepe area on the northwestern side of the provincial capital, Kunduz.

Kunduz Province’s governor, Mohammad Omar Safi, told RFE/RL that some 190 militants and 20 government soldiers have been killed since the Taliban announced the start of a spring offensive on April 24.

Safi said about 10,000 Afghan families in Kunduz Province have been displaced from their homes by the fighting.

Although some territory seized by the Taliban has been recaptured by government forces, authorities admit they are having difficulties in areas where the Taliban have seized strategic high ground.

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