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ISAF Calls Criticism From Pakistan 'Incorrect'

ISAF spokesman Gunter Katz
The International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) has denied a claim by Pakistan's military that ISAF is failing to help stop militants from crossing the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Pakistan's military says it has notified the NATO-led force in Afghanistan 52 times about crossborder movement from Pakistan into Afghanistan by militants, without any response from the ISAF.

In a statement, ISAF said that claim is "incorrect."

The NATO-led force says it immediately dispatches troops to deal with crossborder militants whenever Pakistan's military requests assistance.

The statement says ISAF has a mutual interest to coordinate action with Pakistan against crossborder attacks from North Waziristan by members of the Haqqani network.

It says ISAF is "committed to working together with Pakistan" for security, stability and efforts toward reconciliation.