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UN Condemns Terror Attack In Farah Province

An Afghan National Army soldier walks through the court house in Farah province a day after the April 3 Taliban attack.
The UN Security Council has condemned a deadly Taliban attack in western Afghanistan in the "strongest terms."

The attack on April 3 in Farah Province left 44 civilians and security forces dead.

Taliban insurgents dressed as soldiers targeted the courthouse and other government offices in Farah firing indiscriminately in a failed bid to free Taliban inmates.

The Security Council said it "remained seriously concerned" by the threat posed to civilians and local and international security forces in Afghanistan by the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other insurgent groups.

Earlier on April 4, NATO announced a U.S. F-16 jet had crashed in eastern Afghanistan, killing the U.S. pilot.

That announcement came after news that an airstrike by U.S.-led forces mistakenly killed four policemen and two brothers as their car was being searched at a checkpoint in eastern Afghanistan.

Based on AP and Reuters reporting