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Afghan Protesters Rally To Demand Law Banning Violence Against Women

University students and independent civil society activists take part in a demonstration in support of passing the Elimination of Violence Against Women law in front of parliament in Kabul on May 27.
KABUL -- Dozens of women’s rights defenders have staged a rally in front of Afghanistan’s parliament demanding lawmakers approve a law that bans violence against women.

Protesters chanted "ustice Is Our Right" and "Women Should Not Become Victims" and demanded parliamentarians not to amend the law on violence against women.

The law, which bans violence against women, child marriages, and forced marriages, was passed by President Hamid Karzai’s decree in 2009, but it has not been approved by parliament.

Some conservative politicians and religious leaders called for the law to be scrapped, saying it doesn’t adhere to Islamic rules.

Violations of women's rights and child marriages are reportedly common in Afghanistan, especially in rural areas.