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Chinese Girl Dies In Hit And Run That Sparks Outrage

WATCH: A Chinese toddler is run over by a truck and then ignored by several passersby before someone eventually comes to here aid. WARNING: CONTAINS UPSETTING IMAGES

A two-year-old Chinese girl run over by two vehicles and ignored by passersby, has died.

Chinese media said the girl died of brain failure in hospital early on October 21.

The incident which happened on October 13 in Foshan city, in the southern province of Guangdong has ignited a public uproar over what some called the immorality of modern Chinese society.

A surveillance video, aired by television stations, showed the girl run over by a van which drives away leaving her to bleed on the street.

Eighteen passersby walk or drive past the girl without stopping to help, and she is run over by a second truck.

The girl's death quickly became the most discussed topic on China's popular social networking sites.

The drivers of both vehicles involved in the incident have been arrested.

compiled from agency reports

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