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Easter Bombing Prompts Pakistani Premier To Cancel Trip To U.S.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has canceled plans to visit the United States after a bombing that killed 70 people in Lahore, the White House said on March 30.

Sharif had planned to attend Obama's nuclear security summit in Washington later this week

"President Obama expressed his understanding of Prime Minister Sharif's decision to cancel his visit to the United States and remain in Pakistan following this terrorist attack" on March 27, the White House said after Sharif and Obama spoke by phone.

Obama offered his condolences over the "callous and appalling attack," whose victims included many women and children and Muslims as well as Christians who were celebrating Easter in a park that day.

The White House said the attack underscores the "critical danger" terrorism poses everywhere. Obama in the call reiterated his commitment to working with Pakistan against terrorism.

Earlier in the day, Obama said the goal of terrorist attacks like the Easter bombing is to "weaken our faith" and prompt law-abiding citizens to "cast out the stranger" and strike out against others who look or pray differently.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP